Net Acceleration Accelerate Your Business™

Fees and Penalties

Net Acceleration may assess fees against your account due to misuse, over-usage, or late or returned payments. The following outlines our standard schedule of fees:

Late Payment Fee: $5.00 + 1.5%

Invoices not paid on time (within 30 days of email receipt) are subject to a late payment fee of $5 PLUS 1.5% of the current outstanding balance. An additional late fee of 1.5% of the current outstanding balance will be assessed every 30 calendar days until the balance of the invoice is paid in full.

NSF Fee: $37.00

Payments made by check that are returned due to insufficient funds are subject to a $37 fee. This may be in addition to any late fees that would apply.

Account Reinstatement Fee: $25.00

Accounts will be suspended after the oldest outstanding invoice is more that 60 days late. A Reinstatement Fee of $25.00 will be required to reinstate the account. This may be in addition to any other fees or payments that would be required to bring your account balance up to date.

Overage Fees

Bandwidth: $1.00 per GB

Storage: $5.00 per GB