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I've tried everything and still can't connect. Help!

Published On: 11/08/2013

If you have successfully created the email account within cPanel but had a few incorrect attempts at either creating or retrieving the emails, your IP Address may be blocking you from our server.

This is a precautionary program on our server to thwart malicous attacks but sometimes also gets the good guys caught too. If you believe this happened to you, try these steps:

  • First get your IP address:
    • If you cannot see this page, try
  • Next send Net Acceleration Support your IP Address for removal consideration.
    • For past users of the Client Portal, login and Add A New Task with your IP Address
    • For new users of the Client Portal, send an email to with your IP Address and an account will be created for you.
  • Alternatively, the block usually only lasts 30 minutes if it is a first time offense so you have the option of waiting it out as well.

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